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Flight School for Chinese Language Speakers

飞行学校 (Fēixíng Xuéxiào)

使用 Swift Codable 进行高效的数据编解码

Flight School is partnering with 掘金 (Juéjīn), one of the leading developer communities in China, to publish our books for Chinese language speakers.

The Chinese language edition of Flight School Guide to Swift Codable is now available. The book was translated by Croath Liu (@croath), Flight School’s content lead for China.

Our mission is to provide thoughtful learning resources for developers around the world — and we can’t think of a better place to start than China.

As Tim Cook noted in a recent interview:

China has extraordinary skills. And the part that’s the most unknown is there’s almost 2 million application developers in China that write apps for the iOS App Store. These are some of the most innovative mobile apps in the world, and the entrepreneurs that run them are some of the most inspiring and entrepreneurial in the world.

Tim Cook

We couldn’t be more excited to connect with the millions of app developers in China.

To kick things off, Mattt and Croath will be attending the GMTC 2018 conference in Beijing on June 21st & 22nd. We invite you to reach out via Twitter (@flightdotschool) or email if you’d like to meet up!