Flight School

Flight School is a new book series for Swift developers that explores essential topics in iOS and macOS development through concise, focused guides.


Training a Text Classifier with Create ML and the Natural Language Framework Learn how to use Create ML to train a Natural Language model that predicts the programming language of code.
飞行学校 (Fēixíng Xuéxiào) Flight School is partnering with 掘金 to publish our books for Chinese language speakers.
Running Xcode Playgrounds on Travis CI

Xcode Playgrounds are a great way to share sample code. They allow you to communicate ideas effectively without getting bogged down in implementation details. The question is: how do you ensure that things continue to work with each new version of Swift and platform SDKs?

DIY Codable Encoder / Decoder Kit

In Swift 4, a type that conforms to the Codable protocol can be encoded to or decoded from representations for any format that implements a corresponding Encoder or Decoder type.

Benchmarking Codable

Swift Codable can automatically synthesize initializers that decode models from JSON. But how does this generated code compare to what it replaces?